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What speeds can we expect From Starlink?


126 MBPS

Although Space X with Starlink have now 100% coverage of Australia speeds will vary and in our extensive testing, we have had anything from 60 Mbs per second to 160 Mbs download and 5-14 mbs upload speed. This will always vary depending clear visibility to the sky (eg are there any obstructions in the way of receiving the signal and how many users are on at the same time. Currently in our opinion in Australia we have quite a way to go before it will become saturated. 

However it's important to recognise that Starlink will have its place in the ever changing and advancing Satellite Internet space within Australia in the coming years with new providers arriving soon with Leo and Geo satellite options. The market will eventually split into casual and lite users who require limited access to the satellites and customer service to those who want guaranteed satellite airtime at high speeds with excellent customer service. Watch this space to see who and what options enter the market this year with their offerings

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Is Starlink here in Australia to stay?


Where can I use a Satphone

In our opinion YES, Space X have spent a great deal of money putting up 2500 Leo satellites into Low earth Orbit (LEO) to allow for this opportunity of good quality satellite communication across the globe. So far however its pricing seems erratic, both for hardware and airtime plans. Its customer service is very limited with no phone number even to talk with someone human. 

At present we feel that it's a great option for most users to rent or hire a Starlink without having the need to be tied by expensive 12 months contracts when there's lots of uncertainty about current and future satellite internet product offerings  and providers. Long term what will each of you choose? It's to early to tell, so in the meantime enjoy the honeymoon period we have with Starlink without committing to longterm unknowns.

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Speeds will vary.


Below we have some that we screen shotted live



Speed test 1 Speed test 2 Speed test 3 Speed test 4 Speed test 5