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Where to Rent a Starlink Roam (RV) Modem in Australia


Where to Rent a Starlink in Australia

The most exciting Satellite news in 2023 is that Starlink Roaming Satellite Internet services are now covering 100% of Australia. This has led to many previous users of satellite internet services such as NBN, Vsat or Bgan services jumping onto the Starlink bandwagon, and who can blame them!

The extremely low speeds that each of the previous options offered in addition to the extortionate price charged per Kilobyte used, made Satellite Internet access only for the very rich. Starlink Roam levels the playing field with extremely fast internet speeds and rental of hardware from as little as $25 A Day.

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What options are available when I rent a Starlink Roam.


Where can I use a Satphone

Renting a Starlink unit has never been easier as Australia's leading and largest satellite rental provider with over 17 years experience in serving Australians with satellite communications, Rentasatphone is leading the field with 3 Starlink flexible rental options.

Seeing this incredible opportunity ahead and making available three flexible Starlink Roam Airtime rental plans and the ability to rent from as little as a week through to three months with NO expensive 12 month contracts makes this an exciting easy low cost option for FAST satellite internet anywhere anytime. 

Understanding our customers needs is what makes us unique and to this end we have created three individual packages consisting of the lite version for casual users heading outback who want to get emails or let their kids watch movies through to a specific Geo/Drillers package and a full Business option. To see what these are in more details simply click the link below "Compare"

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